Single Digital Gateway

A single point of access to information, procedures and assistance services online

The single digital gateway aims to facilitate online access to the information, administrative procedures and assistance services that citizens and businesses need to get active in another EU country.

  1. Will consumers always have a right to be connected; if there is a universal service provision?
    Service is available for all customers, as long as the requested criteria are met and payment for new services is affected.
  2. If so, how can consumers find out the name of the universal service provider and contact them?
    Malta has one service provider for both utilities: Water Services Corporation and Enemalta.
    Utilities have created a one-stop-shop at ARMS where customers can apply for all related utility services.
  3. Do consumers have to pay to get connected?
    Yes.  New Service Fees apply.  You may find the relevant application forms here:
    and tariffs here:
    If you have eID you can apply online at
  4. What if someone moves to a house where there’s already a connection?
    They/S/he can fill in and submit form "F - Registration for change in consumer".
    If you have eID you can apply online at
  5. What if someone needs a new connection (newly constructed house, renovation, etc.)?
    They/S/he  can fill in and submit a New Service Application form.
    Form 'A' - Application for new electricity and / or water services:
    If you have eID you can apply online at
  6. Whether and how can consumers change suppliers?
    There is only one service provider for the local market.
  7. What can people do if they have a problem or a complaint; who can they contact and how?
    They contact us on [email protected]  Freephone 80072222 Social Media
  8. What people should do if they can’t pay their bill; any assistance available for low-income households?
    They can check with the Department of Social Security if they are eligible for any government benefits including energy benefits. Furthermore, they can opt to establish an agreement with ARMS to pay through monthly instalments. Further help may be found at:



Updated 11.12.2020