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ARMS Ltd’s mission is to provide a range of specialist services to the Maltese community on behalf of its business owners and partners, within the remit of the Utility Retail and Supply Sector. ARMS Ltd strives to increase the business value of its business owners and partners by: 

  • Identifying and managing opportunities of revenue growth
  • Continually improving the quality and efficiency of the services it provides
  • And maximising its capital utilisation


ARMS Ltd is a private limited liability company, set up as a joint venture between the Enemalta Corporation (EMC) and the Water Services Corporation (WSC).

In February 2009 ARMS Ltd was contracted by EMC and WSC to manage a 5-year transformation programme involving the implementation of Smart Metering Technology around the Island, as well as the implementation of new IT systems as part of a business process reengineering exercise within both Corporations.

During 2010 a number of services, which were being handled by the individual Corporations, were consolidated and transferred under the managerial responsibility of ARMS Ltd. Both Corporations will gain significant benefits by consolidating and outsourcing their meter-to-cash processes and customer contact services to ARMS Ltd. Employees managed by ARMS Ltd have the opportunity to work on leading-edge IT systems, while being provided with all the necessary training to upgrade their portfolio of skills.


Board members
Management team

James Piscopo

Silvio Scerri
Chief Executive Officer

Noel Bezzina
Company Secretary

Ryan C Pace
Deputy Chairman

Jason Vella
Board Member

Kevin Chircop
Board Member

Ethelbert Schembri
Board Member

Tyson Fenech
Board Member

John Ellul
Board Member

Tania Brown
Board Member

Maria Camilleri
Board Member

Ivan Falzon
Board Member

Ing. Anthony Gauci
Chief Officer Billing & ICT

Ms. Nikita Zammit Alamango
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Noel Bezzina
Chief Officer Legal

Mr. Adrian Cortis
Risk & Compliance

Mr.Kevin Galea
Analytics and Software

Mr. Frank Axiaq
Field Services

Mr. Ray Falzon
Support Services

Mr. Anthony Gatt
Credit Control

Ms. Christianne Pace Mifsud

Mr. Matthew Mizzi

Mr. Simon Buttigieg
Customer Care