Tariff prices

Rates applicable for electricity & water supply

Tariffs are the rates applicable for electricity and water supply and are regulated by the Regulator for Energy And Water Services (REWS). There are Domestic, Residential and Non-residential tariff rates.

This is a summary for Utility tariff rates that apply in Malta. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, so you should refer to the Electricity Supply Regulations and the Water Supply Regulations for a detailed explanation of each tariff band.

  • A consumer is only entitled to register the following as a Domestic Premises Service:
    - One Primary Residence and
    - One Secondary Residence and
    - One Garage which does not exceed 50 square meters in area and is used exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes.
  • A Domestic Premises Account will benefit from residential rates when one or more people are registered on it. Residential rates are cheaper than domestic rates. In addition, an eco-reduction benefit applies on Residential Premises and is based on the number of persons registered on a billing account.
  • In order to benefit from an eco-reduction subsidy, the correct number of people living at a premises must be registered on your billing account. This information will be displayed in the top right-hand corner of your Electricity & Water Bill. You may also access this information from your Private Area.
  • The registration of person(s) on an account is not automatic. To apply for a change in the number of registered persons, please download the relevant application form here and submit it to one of our Customer Contact Centres.
  • No one individual can be registered on more then one Service at the same time, and no individual will be registered on a garage or on the common parts of a condominium.
  • It is important to note that according to current Electricity Supply Regulations, the same person can only move his registration from one premises to another once a year. Any further change will only be formally registered the following year. Additionally, if the change is completed after the 30th of November of one year, it will only take effect the following year.
  • A Service which is not registered as a Domestic Premises Service or as a Residential Premises Service shall be considered to be a Non-Residential Premises Service.
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  • Water tariffs (